About the Game

Go behind the scenes and operate a top-secret safe house in the midst of a shadowy conflict.

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"Congratulations, agent.

Due to your exemplary work in the field, you're being promoted to Chief Officer of the Kazitaire City Safe House. The communist plague has infected this nation, and it will be up to you to liberate it with the swift kick from the boot of American freedom. It's time to get to work.".

One part tycoon game, one part puzzler, and another part espionage simulator, Safe House is if "Papers, Please", "Sim Tower", and "James Bond" had a baby.

  • Deep simulation of running, constructing, and managing a top secret spy headquarters.
  • Variety of rooms and activities, from decoding intercepted messages to providing medical support to wounded agents.
  • Story-based campaign that pits the player in the midst of a shadowy spy war.
  • Test your skills at building, upgrading, and running a successful safe house, providing support to spies, agents, and saboteurs.


Here's a quick look at some select images and media. For a full rundown of the game's assets, please take a look at the Press Kit!

Take part in a shadowy conflict!

Interact with spies, decode secret messages, and recruit assassins!

Story-driven campaign.

Experience the twists and turns that come with the game's rich, story-driven campaign.

Puzzles + Planning!

Strategically choose rooms, run missions, and handle the day-to-day activities in order to expand your operation.

Build and Upgrade!

Build and upgrade your very own Safe House in a variety of ways.

Praise for Safe House

“...they’ve got a strong art style that’s theirs, and the trailer was very intriguing indeed. This is one of those Greenlight good stuff examples that they are as they say ‘firing upon all of all them old cylinders there’. So thumbs up from me, I’ll be looking into the development of this one very very keenly, if I don’t say so myself.”

- Jim Sterling

About the Developer

Labs Games is a one man studio located out of Canada! With the flexibility that comes with being a a one-person studio, Labs Games is able to create fun, experimental titles like Safe House!